Yoga Fashion Police: Be Mindful of Your Sweaty Self

Spiritual Law from a Fashionista Turned Yoganista…

I used to be a Dallas Socialite in a former life. I had an alias. Blahnik, as in Manonlo the Italian Shoe God, only to be used when the clock struck midnight and strange things like Porsches turned into pumpkins and water into Dom Perignon in private local celebrity wine cellars.

Today, I’m going with the alias Yoganista, part guru, part girly girl.

I’ll tell you my crazy credentials in a humble manner, only to add street credit to the following tantric fashion rules I’ve put into place. Regulations I intend to give citations upon utter disobedience. Since you no longer have an ego being a yogi, I know you won’t mind when I call you out during class.

Yoganista Rule #1:

Don’t wash your black yoga pants (or any super-cult luon for that matter) with white towels. It’s annoying to you, it’s annoying to the type A who got a pumpkin in their face during a close quarters Prasarita Padottanasana (wide legged forward bend). And while the picking of 1008 white tiny lent balls may be meditative, it seems you’ve got fleas to the next table at the hippy coffee shop.

Yoganista Rule #2: Read full article here on Elephant Journal…

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