San Fran hits E.J.

I’d always wanted to live in Northern California, and I’d never been to Northern California.

After spending one January week in San Francisco, I’m positive I want to live in Northern California. It’s like a foreign country…I like foreign countries. I just can’t seem to stay in the good ole U.S. of A. for more than a few months. I appreciate the States…after spending time sleeping under bug nets, having no electric power, meeting children who dreamed of apples, and four bouts of classical Mexican food poisoning (I really should stop going to Mexico). But there’s nothing like the sound of a foreign language drifting from the next outdoor cafe table while noshing on exotic food, local artisan cheeses, meats, breads, craft brews, small vineyard wines, unusual seasonal fruit and veggies, and things I’ve never heard of eating.

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